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Rietumu Leasing

«Rietumu Leasing» is a leasing company that has been operating in Republic of Belarus since 2002. 

From June 2013 the sole owner of the charter capital of «Rietumu Leasing» became  Rietumu, one of the largest and most dynamic Latvian banks.

The key areas of «Rietumu Leasing» business are: leasing of cargo transport, leasing of construction equipment and machinery, leasing of small commercial vehicles and cars.

Every year since 2004 «Rietumu Leasing» has been rated one of the TOP-5 Belorussian leasing companies.

The Group's annual accounts are prepared in accordance with the international accounting standards. From 2013 the Financial Statement of «Rietumu Leasing» is included into the Final Annual Report of AO «Rietumu Banka», audited by KPMG.

As of 01.01.2016 the investments of «Rietumu Leasing» into finacial leasing are USD 17,7 mn as per contract No 619.

More information about Rietumu.

Our contact details are:

6 Floor, 117 Odoyevskogo Street,
Minsk 220015 Belarus
Tel.: +375 17 336 93 88, +375 17 336 93 99
Fax: +375 17 336 93 80, +375 17 336 93 94